Cécile Deprez

Researcher | Speaker

Main focus: GPS | Sexism in STEM | LGBTQ

Twitter handle: @ccile_deprez

Website/blog: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecile-deprez/

Languages: English, French

City: Munich

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Topics: women in stem, visibility, sexism, lgbtq+, women in aerospace, women networks, microaggressions, satellites, gps

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Hi and welcome to my page!

I'm a full-time researcher working on satellite positioning, a super exciting topic that I always love to present!

As a woman in a tech field, I have unfortunately witnessed and experienced sexism on my way. Over the years, I have built up an expertise on the topic and I have started sharing my experience of sexism and microaggressions to universities and companies working in STEM.

Feel free to write me for more information on my activities.

I'm looking forward to collaborate with you :)


Cécile Deprez studied Geomatics at the University of Liège, in Belgium. After four years of research in the field of satellite positioning, she joined the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in 2020. There, her research focuses on the integration of new technologies (such as laser links) in the future constellations of satellites used for positioning. More specifically, she measures the impact that these next-generation constellations will have on the position estimation of ground users and low earth orbit satellites.

At DLR, she co-founded and coordinates women, LGBTQIA+ and internationals communities (in total > 500 networkers), in which are regularly organized invited speaker talks, discussion rounds, seminars and general networking activities across the 30 locations and 55 Institutes of DLR. 

On the side, Cécile is active as a public speaker on the topics of sexism, allyship and microaggressions in STEM fields as well as on the topics of visibility of women and LGBTQIA+ experts.

As a volunteer, she co-founded and currently manages the Belgian branch of the French association Pépite Sexiste, called Sexisme Flop, which calls out on social media the brands making use of sexist advertising. 
Since 1.5 years, she has also been acting as coordinator of the Women in Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) working group on the topic of Visibility of Women in STEM.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

[2023.09.25] From hostile to benevolent forms of sexism at work: hands-on strategies to recognise and challenge it

Online talk in the context of the conference "Reimagination at Work" organized by Watch This_Sp_ce.

This talk is in: English
[2023.09.22] Power abuse and sexism in academia

Talk together with Prof. Leising in the context of the Postdoc Appreciation Week 2023, organized by Helmholtz Munich, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich Postdoc Network, Scientific Talent and Career Development.

Panel description
Daniel Leising gave insights into the personal and systemic factors that permit or promote unethical behaviour. He provided helpful tips on how to overcome these situations. Cécile Deprez focused on issues affecting women and gender minorities. She explored the various forms of sexism and proposed hands-on strategies to cope with microaggressions.

This talk is in: English
[2023.08.31] Sexism & Microaggressions workshop

Workshop on Sexism and Microaggressions for Eaton Industries GmbH, online.

This talk is in: English
[2023.06.27] The Women Behind Europe’s Technological Breakthroughs

Invited panelist at the Summer School 2023 of the European Leadership Academy organized by Huawei EU.

Panel description:
With new technologies revolutionizing most areas of the economy and many layers of society, it has become vital to reduce the gaps existing in today’s world. This is necessary in order to be able to move forward and embrace the digital revolution in an inclusive and fair manner, where no one is left behind. Women have a key role to play in the twin transition and, to ensure a level-playing field, they must be able to grasp the full benefits brought by technological progress.

From talent development to the challenges facing Europe’s competitiveness, this panel discussion will explore how women can shape the tech industry and take the lead in traditionally male-dominated areas like academic research, as well as how a new generation of young talents can pave the way for a more diverse, resilient and human-centric digital economy.

To inspire them to pursue STEM careers, promoting female role models is key. Therefore, this panel discussion will bring together some of the women behind Europe’s technological breakthroughs, who will share how their day-to-day work looks like, as well as tips to overcome career challenges that women encounter when entering the tech industry.

This talk is in: English
[2023.05.30] From Awareness to Action: Challenging Benevolent Sexism at Work With Hands-On Strategies

Invited speaker for Women Leading in STEM, an association founded by Pamela Kellert.

If we want to attract and retain more women in STEM fields, we must address the elephant in the room: being in the minority, women in STEM continue to face biases and stereotypes which hinder their progress.

About 32% of women in technical and engineering roles are often the only woman in the room. Despite the progress in diversity and inclusion, women still face dynamics that challenge their place in STEM. Some of these are:

👉 Their competence is challenged or downplayed
👉 Their contributions are not acknowledged
👉 Non-inclusive group dynamics and uncivil behaviour

While many organisations are putting effort into creating an inclusive environment, sexism in the workplace is also evolving.

This talk is in: English
[2023.05.22] Femmes Inspirantes: Cécile Deprez

Interview for SNCF Mixité

Cécile Deprez est une chercheuse dans l'aérospatiale. Diplômée de l'Université de Liège en 2015 en géomatique, elle participe à la conception des futures générations de satellites utilisés pour le positionnement au Centre Spatial Allemand (DLR).

Dans un domaine toujours très dominé par les hommes, Cécile Deprez se montre très active dans le soutien et la promotion d'autres chercheuses. Elle parle régulièrement du sexisme dans les STEM (Sciences, Techniques, Ingénieur, Mathématiques), des micro-agressions, de biais inconscients et des réseaux de femmes.

This talk is in: French
[2023.05.08] Impact Career Stories

Interview for the media 'The Bloom'

*Lessons you’re taking away from the first few years of your work experience, and applying to the next chapters of your career.*

1. Trust your guts. If your body tells you something is wrong, it is. Some comments make your hair raise on your skin, but often we still try to gaslight ourselves into thinking that this is no big deal. It is. If you don't believe it, imagine how made you would be if someone had said the same thing to your very best friend. Treat yourself like your best friend.
2. Find safe people around you. We all have toxic friends, there is something weirdly attractive about it, but make sure you know who to find when you need support, in all areas of your life. Have safe people at work, in your family, in your friend circles.
3. We don't have to wait to be CEO of a company to make changes in it. We spend a huge amount of time at work, how sad would it be to feel terrible at work everyday of our lives.
4. Minority networks are amazing. Women supporting women has been such a powerful experience for me. Queer groups are my home. Don't stay on your own.

This talk is in: English
[2023.04.26] Sexism and microaggressions at work

Invited speaker at the 60' session "Grow To Lead" organized by net4tec.

This talk is in: English
[2023.04.21] Sexism and microaggressions in STEM

Talk at the WomenPower Congress of the Hannover Messe 2023.

Sexism is part of our society, it impacts us at work and in our private lives. It can take several forms, from hostile sexism ("women are inferior to men") to benevolent sexism ("women make great secretaries"). It relies on biases that we have been internalizing from an early age and often takes the form of microaggressions that have a long-term macro-level impact on women's lives and mental health.

In this lecture we talked about the different forms of sexism in the workplace and how to respond to it as a victim, witness or potential offender.

This talk is in: English
[2023.04.20] Workshop on sexism and microaggressions in STEMM

Hired by Medizinische Hochschule Hannover for a 4-hour workshop with 8 participants.

This talk is in: English
[2023.04.20] Keynote speech on sexism and microaggressions in STEMM

Invited speaker at the Early Career Mentoring Program of Medizinsche Hochschule Hannover.

This talk is in: English
[2023.04.15] Next-generation GNSSs

Invited speaker at the Space Generation Advisory Council for the Space Technology for Earth Application General Assembly

This talk is in: English
[2023.02.14] Sexism and microaggressions in STEM

Invited speaker at Helmholtz Munich in the context of the Women@HelmholtzMunich month between February 9th and March 8th 2023.

This course aims at understanding the different forms of sexism and at identifying microaggressions. Together, we learned how to:

⭐️ Identify sexism under its different forms;
⭐️ Understand better why some behaviors might make you feel uncomfortable;
⭐️ Address sexism and microaggressions by:
* learning how to avoid being a potential offender;
* learning how to give feedback as a victim, a witness;
* learning how to receive feedback if you unwillingly offended someone.

This talk is in: English
[2022.10.11] Sexism in STEM
Video Thumbnail

Invited speaker on 'Sexism, unconscious biases and microaggressions in STEM' in the context of the Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 organized by Max Planck PhDnet and Max Planck PostdocNet.

Have you ever experienced sexism during your studies or at your workplace? Can you differentiate hostile sexism from benevolent sexism? How do you cope with daily microaggressions?

In this talk, I gave an overview of sexism in STEM and of the various forms it can take. In addition to these theoretical concepts, I also shared my own experience in Europe, in the fields of Science and Engineering.

Finally, I presented some strategies and resources to cope with sexism and microaggressions at work, aimed at both victims and potential offenders.

This talk is in: English
[2022.03.08] #12: Feminist Action for a better future: #IWD2022

Invited guest in the podcast 'Gender & Climate' by Annika Degen

Today we celebrate women's achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality! In this powerful episode I talk to three women with different backgrounds and professions, being united by the aim of a climate and gender just world. Join Charlotte Hopmans, Léna Plaud and Cécile Deprez discussing the interconnectedness of Gender & Climate Change, calling for more women in leadership and decision making positions and spreading the vision of an equal representation of all.

This talk is in: English
[2023.10.12] Addressing Microaggressions and Sexism in the workplace

Talk at a MeetUp organized in the context of herCAREER Munich 2023.

This talk is in: English
[2023.10.18-19] Masterclass satellite communication aerospace

Two-day masterclass organized by hub.brussels, Agence Bruxelloise pour l’accompagnement de l’entreprise, Orange , Orange Digital Center - Solidarity Fablab

This talk is in: French