Bernadette Spiesberger

Leiterin Personal- und Krisenmanagement, Unternehmerin

Main focus: female empowerment

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: German

City: Linz

State: Upper Austria

Country: Austria

Topics: female leadership, hr

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

Personal note:

Female empowerment is a cause close to my heart, rooted in the belief that embracing the Yin qualities can serve as a powerful catalyst for preserving our world for future generations. In a society often driven by the relentless pursuit of progress and speed, the essence of female empowerment lies in advocating for a shift towards a slower, more intimate, and profound approach – one that values depth over height, closeness over distance, and a measured pace over rapid acceleration. These values are not confined to gender but are principles that everyone, regardless of gender, can and should integrate into both their professional and personal lives. By recognizing and nurturing these Yin qualities, we not only empower women but also contribute to creating a sustainable and balanced world, fostering an environment that prioritizes the well-being of our children and generations to come


Short abstract from our last two engagements:

Since 09/2011 to present, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Head of Department for Personnel and Crisis Management Director since 2020. Established and led the Human Resources Management and Development department. Oversaw a team of 7 employees. Key responsibilities included overall personnel development for all staff, addressing health issues (evaluation of psychological stressors), handling legal matters, contract drafting, advising executives, conducting labor law proceedings with external legal experts, serving as a fixed member in appointment committees for professorial positions, personnel marketing, introduction of an IT software for personnel administration. Managed employer branding, internal communication, apprenticeship training, and the development and implementation of various policies. Collaborated closely with Gender/Diversity initiatives, etc.

Additionally, since 06/2021 to present, entrepreneur and podcaster: Bernadette Spiesberger – Empowering Working Moms and Friede.Freude.Eierkuchen: the Podcast for Working Moms. Conducts coaching sessions and workshops for large companies focusing on empowering women/mothers, resilience, and work-life balance.

Educational Background: Systemic Coaching, Leadership Training, YIN Academy as YIN Trainer by Daniela Hutter, and many more. Part-time studies in Business Administration (WIWI).