Berit Julie Friz

Main focus: systemische aufstellungsarbeit

Languages: German, English

Country: Germany

Topics: burnout, work-life-balance, supervision

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


»When Berit Julie Friz entered our office on a beautiful summer morning outfitted with a basket full of animals, we were instantly transported back to the carefree and playful time our childhoods. A time in which we experienced life as an endless adventure, a never-ending story, that we could discover with a heart free of judgement. We experienced a genuinely eye opening exchange in which Berit lead us through the wilderness of our daily entanglements, unconscious fears, misconceptions and mild insecurities. This of course, in the most sensitive, compassionate and loving way. Through the aid of her animal assistants she showed us the way back to our source. A place wherein we are united and aligned with our beings, our power, our task. It brought us clarity, structure and motivation, for this we thank you, Berit.« Alexx and Anton, Creative Direction

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KAT's PODCAST: Episode 35 und 17

Meine frühere Kollegin und heutige Weggefährtin Kathrin Hecht interviewt mich zum Thema Gesundheit und Krankeit und der eigenen Haltung dazu.Es geht dabei auch um Schmerzen, die jede:r von uns kennt und die viele als normal bezeichnen: Kopf-, Rücken-, Regelschmerzen oder auch Blasenentzündungen. Was kann dahinter stecken und warum kommen sie immer wieder? Was können wir tun?

In einer weiteren Folge geht es auf Englisch um die Frage, wie wir uns von unseren Mustern der Angst und Unsicherheit befreien können: "Berit is her to help us understand subconscious patters of fear and insecurity tha hugely influence how we act and react in our daily lives and that quite literally auto-pilot us. That’s super topical at the moment, because with Covid in the air and all the change going on, there is a lot out there that’s triggering us. Tune in and learn what you can do to break through these patterns, and ultimately become more resilient, self-reliant and empowered."

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