Barbara Streidl

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Women's and familiy politics

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Barbara Streidl was born in 1972 in
Munich. She is a journalist and musician,
working for different newspapers
and broadcasting services.
She is co-host on the radio programme
Zündfunk at Bayerischer
Rundfunk. Her primary topics are
women’s politics and feminism.
She has co-founded several inter-
Barbara Streidl
net networks like the award-winning
and the feminist initiative Frau Lila
( which supports female
weblogs. In 2012, her book “Can I
call you right back? The daily madness
of a working mom” was published, in 2015 "Let Fathers be father". In 2013 she started in the board of Frauenstudien München e.V. and organizes panel discussions concerning women's topics.

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