Main focus: Feminist Art Activism

Twitter handle: @ArtEquality


Languages: German, English, Spanish, Hebrew

City: Dublin and Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: feminism, music, activism, art & activism


ArtEquality is a non-profit organisation and an activist movement for equality and feminism. ArtEquality offers support to artists whose work concern gender equality. Our focus as activists is to explode taboos around rape culture, sexism and misogyny while empowering women and men alike in support for an equal society.

Sylvia Hinz – Recorder (www.sylvia, one of the leading recorder players worldwide, studied recorder at the University of Arts Berlin with Gerd Luenenbuerger, experimental music with Dieter Schnebel, chamber music with Nigel North and conducting / ensemble leading at the BAK Trossingen with René Schuh and Wolfgang Ruediger. Artistic director of interdisciplinary projects like „membrana“ with artist Carola Czempik. She is founding member of: XelmYa, the bewitched project, and UMBRATONO. Plays solo recitals and concerts with ensembles and orchestras, holds special interest in contemporary music and improvisation, also in unusual instrumental combinations and cooperation’s with other arts. Frequent concert trips to e.g. Scotland, Argentina, U.K., Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, France, Greece, Denmark, USA, Ireland and more.

Dr. Dorone Paris - ( is an Israeli political composer living & working in Ireland. Being raised and educated in Israel influenced her political ideas and affected her musical creativity, aesthetics and philosophy. She is the founder of PATH art: an organisation dedicated to convincing her people that a peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians is both possible and necessary. Her PhD research focused on women’s rights and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict (this could be read at
Her music has been performed throughout the UK, Ireland, Tunisia, Netherlands, Germany, Israel and Palestine.