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Arijana Walcott

Innovation Culture & Tech
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corporate culture virtual reality augmented reality startup artificial intelligence civic innovation incubation and acceleration emerging technologies

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German English Croatian

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My expertise is in innovation, emerging technologies, and entrepreneurship. My specialty lies in translating trends and tomorrows technologies into viable use cases today.

I’ve worked with corporates and startups alike. With corporates my work centers around developing use cases for emerging technologies like Augmented- and Virtual Reality and finding co-creation partners. With Startups, it’s all about strategy and creative business models.

Occasionally I enjoy speaking on various topics around AR/VR and future technologies at events like:
- ECO Talk, Swiss National Television: AI; whats left for us? (Jan. 2019)
- NZZ Podium, Berlin: The American Dream (Nov. 2018)
- 13. Schwyzer Wirtschaftsforum, Pfaeffikon: AI und Wirtschaft (Oct. 2018)
- European Investor Fair, Rueschlikon: AR/VR in Enterprise (Sept. 2018)
- ZHdK'd Digital Day, Zurich: What to expect from VR (Nov. 2017)
- BLICK (Ringier), Switzerland: 7 week series on our future with emerging technologies (Aug. - Sept. 2018)
- VR World, London: Panel on the future of VR (May 2017)
- Interview with Cedric Bollag from Global Tech Box (Feb 2017)

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

SFR Eco Talk - Künstliche Intelligenz, was bleibt für uns?

This talk is in: German

Schwyzer Wirtschaftsforum - AI und unsere Wirtschaft

This talk is in: German

World VR Forum - How to incubate creativity

This talk is in: English