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A political scientist by education, Anne Roth cofounded the first interactive media activist website, Indymedia, in Germany in 2001 and has been involved with media and digital rights activism ever since. She has worked as a journalist, web editor and translator.

Anne was senior advisor for the Parliamentary Inquiry on Mass Surveillance of the German Bundestag 2014-2017 for the parliamentary group ‘The Left’.

Until August 2014 she was programme editor and researcher for the Privacy and Expression programme of the Tactical Technology Collective. Here she developed trainings and educational material on digital security and tracking, primarily directed at activists and communities at risk. She was project lead for the project Me and My Shadow

In 2007 Anne Roth became the “collateral damage” of a terrorism investigation against her partner, Andrej Holm. The urban sociologist who researches gentrification had been accused of being the mastermind behind a group that committed arson attacks. The investigation stirred up international attention and was dropped later as no evidence was found to back up the charges. Anne has written extensively about living with anti-terror surveillance and started this blog in 2007 to document her experience.

Today she writes about domestic policy and home affairs, about media, net politics and feminist issues.

Conferences she spoke at include the Chaos Communication Congress, re:publica and the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

  • NSA & Co: Was macht umfassende Überwachung aus unserer Demokratie, und was können wir dagegen tun?

    Podium mit Peter Schaar und Constanze Kurz beim Kongress "10 Jahre Campact".

  • Keynote "Why Privacy Matters"

    Data Days 2014

  • Medien International: Digitale Sicherheit für Journalisten

    Podiumsdiskussion der Deutschen Welle Akademie gemeinsam mit dem ARD Hauptstadtstudio.

  • re:publica 13: Das kleine Digitale und das große Ganze. Internetaktivismus, Netzbewegung und Politik

    Diskussion mit Kathrin Ganz und Hans Christian Voigt über das Verhältnis zwischen sozialen, auch Hacker-Bewegungen und Netz.

  • 29C3 - Best of.. Verfassungsschutz

    Vortrag beim 29. Chaos Communication Congress im Dezember 2012.

  • Gespräch mit Wikileaks-Gründungsmitglied Daniel Mathews

    Mai 2011

  • Generation Facebook: Über das Leben im Social Net

    Veranstaltung der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung zur Buchvorstellung des Buchs "Generation Facebook. Über das Leben im Social Net” im Nov. 2011.

  • Mehr Talks, Podien und Texte