Anna Völkl

Main focus: Magento Web-Development

Twitter handle: @rescueAnn


Languages: German, English

City: Linz

Country: Austria

Topics: frameworks, php, developer, magento, oop, web, web development, devops, database, mysql, it, developer experience, it security, e-commerce

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

MageTitans IT 2016: Secure input and output handling

This talk is in: English
Magento Security Essentials Seminar (talk + panel discussion)

Safety First! Making your eCommerce website secure should be your #1 priority. Join a group of industry experts to explore Magento security from the perspective of a merchant, developer, and hacker. Learn security essentials for daily store operations as well as long term security objectives.

* Ray Bogman, CTO, SupportDesk
* Bastian Ike, Magento Developer, AOE GmbH
* Anna Völkl, Senior Magento Developer, LimeSoda

Magento Application Security [DE]

Vortrag zum Thema Anwendungssicherheit für Magento Online-Shops auf der Meet Magento Deutschland 2015

Magento Application Security [EN]

A talk about security for Magento Online Shops at Meet Magento Netherlands 2015