Anna Reichert

Empathy Ambassador | Growth and Learning Enthusiast | DIEE

Main focus: Anna Monika Reichert


Languages: English, German

City: Malmö

Country: Sweden

Topics: mental health, diversity management, gender equality, motivation, diversity for leaders, mindfulness in organisations, personal development, mindful selfleadership, mindfulness-based selfleadership, dream big

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting

  Willing to travel for an event.

  I don't want to talk for nonprofit.


- Bachelor of Science from Saarland University: Business and Law
- Bachelor Thesis: A qualitative study on the influence of gender equality on organizational adaptional behaviour
- Certification in Project Management: The Establishment of Gender Equality measures in management guidelines
- Master of Science: Managing People, Knowledge, and Change from Lund University (Sweden)
- Master Thesis: Ikea employees as DANCERs in a normaitve context - Mindfulness and its perceived impact on self-leadership

Topics (keynotes, talks, Workshops)
- Analysis of Gender inequality
- Benefits of Diversity
- Generation Management¨
- Needs and expectations of Gen Z
- Intrinsic motivcation (WHY, Tools)

interactive, humorous, activating one's own vision