Anna Jelen

Main focus: How to use your time

Twitter handle: @annatimekeeper


Languages: German, English, French, Swedish

City: Arosa

Country: Switzerland

Topics: vlog


Ladies and Gentlemen,
for the following topics you could hire me:
- if you want to hear a story about getting independent (in business) and doing ALL the faults you can imagine doing and despite of all that still will end in a happy-end
- if you want to hear how I was able to change my 5-days week into a 4 days-week (after being offline a time and getting good productivity-ideas)
- having fun on stage and how you can make the audience listen to you (at home, on stage, in business, wherever!)

In very simple terms: you can hire me if you want to hear something about time-management and your personal appearance or about being independent. But I will not give you a typical speech, I will do it my style; anna-style.