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The Art of Leadership

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For over than 20 years, Andrea Riemer has been an author on leadership, self-leadership and strategy issues. She is an un-capturable and unconventional thinker and is considered as an intellectual mover and shaker. Andrea frequently takes unconventional paths to extend apparent classical disciplinary and scientific limits even further. Interdisciplinarity, pioneering and intellectual and artistic adventures accompany her approaches and her recommendations.

Due to her unique combination of intellectual and artistic capabilities (especially music and acting), she is considered a mover and shaker. And this is the path she follows while offering state-of-the art expertise on leadership and self-leadership. Her way of connecting the dots between these realms is much appreciated.

A broad academic education forms the basis of Andrea Riemer's approach to her work. She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Vienna University of Economics and Business; a Ph.D. in Military Technology Sciences from Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University, Budapest, Hungary. Additionally, she completed her Dr. habil. in Military Sciences from Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University, Budapest, Hungary. Andrea is still the only female in the German speaking world with this academic achievement. In 2008, she was awarded the academic title of Honorary Associate Professor from Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University, Budapest. In 2012, the legal successor of NDU, the National University of Public Service, Budapest awarded her again the academic title of Honorary Associate Professor.

Constant switching between the sciences and application has characterized Andrea’s professional career. She is a 3rd generation entrepreneur and has many years of experience as coach and consultant. After completing her dissertation and working for some months in Switzerland, she founded her first consulting company in 1993, which she headed until 2001. From 2001 to 2003, she served as Academic Dean at the International University, Vienna. In 2003, she changed to the National Defense Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense. She served as strategy expert in various function. From 2008 to 2012, she was director of the Institute for Strategy and Security (the first woman ever to hold this position) at the National Defense Academy of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Since summer 2012, Andrea has been working as an author and expert on leadership issues. She views herself as an intellectual artist and and as an artistic intellectual, thereby living up to a smart entanglement between intellectuality and art.

Andrea Riemer sees herself primarily as an author on leadership, thereby interpretating it in her very personal way. She has established a rich publication and project list during the past 25 years. Within these frameworks, she has tackled a range of aspects and issues on strategy, and leadership (almost 30 books and more than 250 lectures and articles in international magazines). Many of Andrea's recent books and publications are bilingual.

In June 2015, her new book, titled "Travelling. On the way to yourself with others" was released. The book covers 12 different journies, real and fictional, in 12 different literature approaches with 12 different targets. It is an innovative, challenging book on live travel, leadership and self-leadership. This poetic and at the same time non-fictional book offers different perspectives on what leadership and self-leadership can be in times of turmoil. Andrea proposes an unusual and thoughtful approach to her key topic. The book is available in German in print, as audiobook and as E-book. Andrea will be out on a large-scale international reading tour from the spring 2015 onwards.

Additionally, Andrea works for the Austrian Broadcasting Association by providing texts for short clips for radio shows. Thereby, she offers a look into her way of thinking in regard to self-leadership and leadership on a brief and impressive base. Certainly, Andrea uses Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook to spread her ideas to her far-reaching community.

Since Andrea has ample experience in selfleadership and leadership issues, she offers a special format called ImpulseTalks. This is her personal way of consulting and coaching. She shares her rich exerpience with people who are ready to take her and his own course, be it in personal or professional life.

Moreover, Andrea Riemer works on a number of artistic programs (e.g. a program on Richard Strauss; another one on light and time; a special program for a concentration comp, an opera libretto; a documentary movie on experimental approaches to conflict resolution and dispute settlement) with some high-profile collegues in art.