Andra Riemhofer

Main focus: Cross-cultural Communication

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Languages: German, English

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: intercultural competency, cross-cultural leadership, germany, culture, intercultural business, india

Services: Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting


You should talk to me if you want to gain a better understanding of your opportunities in Germany, and you value a local’s help in finding buyers and potential business partners.

I help international companies enter the German market. As a new entrant to our market, you may face some very common pitfalls; the good news is that they can be quite easily avoided! I am speaking typically of information deficits and intercultural misunderstandings.

My very hands-on approach might be quite exceptional, but at the same time, I am somewhat average in terms of who you most likely (statistically) would be dealing with, when trying to develop your business in Germany:

Born in the 1970s, after finishing school, I first opted for a Duale Berufsausbildung (in publishing). A few years later, I studied business administration, and this is when I, for the first time, went abroad and had the opportunity to realize that what people in Germany (or at least members of the mainstream society) consider as “normal” does not apply everywhere else, at least not in India.

I did survive the culture shock, and the interest in digging deeper into the topic of (inter-)cultural differences eventually led me to enrol in a master’s program in Intercultural Communications and Cooperation a few years later.

Since 2013, I have been working as a business development consultant, helping international companies set foot into the German market. It makes me happy to see how my pragmatic advice and very hands-on support helps my clients – mainly Nordic tech companies and business travelers from India and the UAE – gain attention and win business.

I have authored several books, last one Doing Business in Germany: A Concise Guide to Understanding Germans and Their Business Practices published by Business Expert Press, New York.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Survival Training - Doing Business with Germans

SMEs cannot fully deploy their potential in the international market because of information deficits and cultural barriers. Setting up representations or making major decisions before having developed a deeper sense for the market and the business culture ties up and in the worst case burns capital.
Many business relationships come to an end before they even start. Intercultural differences very often result in misunderstandings, frustration and unnecessary loss of time and money. Small things can be relevant when you are speaking to a potential German business contact.

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