Alexandria Heston

Main focus: UX and VR Interaction Design

Twitter handle: @ali_heston


Languages: English, Italian

City: Chicago, Illinois

Country: United States

Topics: user experience design, user research, user centred design, virtual reality, user engagement, virtual art


I have spent years cultivating a passion for digital design and user interactivity, and have taken those skills around the United states and world to learn more about the globalization of the tech industry. Not only do I have an advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, Axure, Sketch, and other design applications, but I am also competent in many programming languages such as C# and Javascript.

My true passion in designing for 3D environments and spaces, and find my UX skills easily transferable to this area. I am familiar with 3D softwares and engines such as Autodesk, Blender, Unity, and Unreal3D. I have studied the impact and implementation of all of these applications in my university and abroad studies, and applied them to everyday use in personal VR projects, including music videos and puzzle games.