Alexandra White

Main focus: Technical Writing

Twitter handle: @heyawhite

Languages: English

City: Brooklyn, NY

Country: United States

Topics: women in tech, frontend, wordpress, responsive webdesign, web development, css, technical writing, developer advocacy, developer evangelism, html, women and technology, documentation


Alexandra White is the documentation editor at Joyent, a web developer and writer. She's spent a nearly decade building websites, from simple static sites to complicated and animated CMS-based content. She believes that the best way to become a better developer is to write about your work.

When she’s not at work, she’s either deep in the throes of a tech binge (attending hackathons and working on passion projects) or on a plane off to somewhere new. Alexandra is a strong believer in finding the smartest people in the room and surrounding yourself with them in order to get their knowledge by osmosis (or at the very least, by asking thought-provoking questions). She is a proud member of Tech LadyMafia and wants to empower women who found a home in tech.