Alexa von Busse

Main focus: Presenter for conferences and events as well as studio speaker for audio guides, explanatory and corporate image videos

Twitter handle: @alexavonbusse


Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

City: Braunschweig, Berlin, Hannover, Bremen

Country: Germany

Topics: moderation


I moderate sophisticated topics that are rarely occupied by women - for example conferences on Big Data, renewable energy and robotics or events for the start-up scene. I run through panel discussions, individual interviews or create a glamorous atmosphere for award ceremonies - both in German and in English language.

As a business graduate and journalist I started in 2009 as a freelance presenter and journalist. Since I host for various federal departments and companies and write for dailies and weeklies like the taz and the HAZ in the departments business, sports, lifestyle and travel. At the same time I am a lecturer in the department of "communication" of a media academy in Hannover, where I teach writing and speaking.

You can also hear my voice in the audio guide of the Deutsches Museum in Munich or in explanatory and image films (e.g. Jochen Schweizer) or in travel documentations. Traveling is actually part of my nature. I co-financed my studies as a flight attendant to discover as many parts of the world as possible. And at least there are two spots I look closely everywhere: churches and supermarkets - my personal cross-section of cultures.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Showreel Alexa v. Busse


Das Showreel zeigt eine kleine Auswahl und einen Querschnitt durch bereits moderierte Themen und Veranstaltungen.