Alena Keck

Head of Lean-Agile Center of Excellence at Vodafone

Main focus: Agile Leadership & Change

Languages: English, German

City: Stuttgart

State: Baden-Wuerttemberg

Country: Germany

Topics: agile transformation, agile leadership, scaling agile, organizational change management, business agility, international leadership, intercultural leadership

Services: Talk, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

As a Lean-Agile Transformation Leader I am passionate to help large global companies to reach the full potential of Business Agility and overcome challenges of Agile Transformation at Scale.

My Motto is "Transformation is a Team Sport".

My MISSION is to be a strong change agent and power-up Digital Transformation by creating strong transformation teams and growing Lean-Agile leaders, capable to drive the change by taking an active role in removing transformation roadblocks and becoming lighthouses brightening the path to success.


Alena Keck started her agile journey at Daimler’s corporate incubator known as “Lab 1886”. Later on she was a strong catalyst of Agile Transformation at the Digital Solution Center at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA, bringing energy, fun and delight to the first large scale transformation initiative.

Following that as part of the engineering leadership team she led lean-agile transformation in 5 locations in the US and Mexico with over 1,000 software developers and engineers at Aptiv.

Upon her return to Germany she became Senior Manager at MHP - A Porsche Company, where she led a team of agile coaches, grew agile training offerings and supported Lean-Agile Center of Excellence of a premium automotive company, connecting the transformation to the Strategy 2030 and implementing Lean Portfolio Management as Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach.

After dedicating over 13 years of her career journey Automotive transformation challenges, she took on a new challenge as Head of Lean-Agile Center of Excellence at Vodafone.

Together with her team of Agile Coaches and trainers she drives Agile Transformation at Vodafone on Enterprise level and chairs Enterprise Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.

International Public Speaking Experience:
LACE Summit 2023 (France), European SAFe Summit 2023 (Czech Republic), Tools4AgileTeams Conference 2022 (Germany), SAFe® European Symposium (Germany), Keynote Speaker VECS 2022 (Sweden), Global SAFe Summit 2021, Lean Virtual Summit 2021, Agile Munich 2021 (Germany), Agile Automotive Conference 2020 (Germany), Keynote speaker at Process Insights Conference 2020 (Germany), Keynote speaker and panelist at Process Insights Conference 2019 (US).

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Embracing The Agile Way of Leading – Agiles Führen aus verschiedenen Perspektiven
Video Thumbnail

Interactive discussion between Alena Keck and Katharina Vollus about Agile Leadership on stage at the MHP Festival 2022.

This talk is in: German
Porsche Lean-Agile Transformation Journey

Co-presenter at the Global SAFe Summit 2021 talking about how the legendary automotive brand approached Lean-Agile Transformation by building the Digital Product Organization.

This talk is in: English
Interview: Spitzenfrauen Baden-Württemberg | Internationale Frauenkarrieren

Interview for Spitzenfrauen Baden-Württemberg Portal about International Women Career Journeys. The goal of the interview series powered by Steinbeis Innovation Center. was to get a deeper understanding of the differences in career opportunities for women in different countries and to collect best practice examples for Germany.

This talk is in: German

Podcast Episode from Digital Enterprise Society Podcast with Craig Brown and Thom Singer.
Focus on discussing the benefits and challenges of Agile Transformation in the Automotive industry as well as some strategies to overcome those.

This talk is in: English
Podcast | LACE & Transformation Teams: How to Set Them Up for Success

During this Women in Agile Podcast episode, Alena Keck and Emily Lint peel back the curtain on successful Transformation teams: how they look and what makes them successful.

This talk is in: English
Interview | Challenges of Agile Transformation in Automotive Industry

As Speaker of the Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services Conference 2020, I provided interview about the Challenges of Agile Transformation in Automotive Industry.

This talk is in: English
Webinar: I am an SPC and I Head a LACE
Video Thumbnail

In this webinar, Applied Frameworks SAFe Practice Lead Phil Gardiner and Vodafone’s Head of Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) Alena Keck discuss what it means to lead a successful LACE team and drive Enterprise-wide Agile Transformation at Scale.

This talk is in: English
Article: How to Prepare Your Lean-Agile Center of Excellence for Success

Co-authoring an article, providing practical insights on how to set up your Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) for success.

This talk is in: English