Dr. Christine Thiel

Mindful Leadership Coaching

Main focus: Mindful Leadership Coaching

Languages: German, English

City: Munich

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Topics: leadership coaching, mindfulness for executives, mindfulness, mindful leadership, mindfulness in organisations, mindful and positive leadership, mindful work, mindfulness-based selfleadership

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

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Personal note:

Hi, I am Christine, and I support leaders and teams to develop a highly effective, self-aware and sustainable approach to work.

With a mindfulness approach to leadership development, I guide leaders to evolve on a professional and personal level, drive change in the organization and make a difference.

I help teams to stay on task, approach problems with an open mind and collaborate with empathy and efficiency.


My approach is based on years of research about work-life-balance practices of location independent entrepreneurs at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University in Munich. I also bring into my work years of experience as an HR consultant and agile IT project manager.

I am a certified meditation instructor following the teachings of the Willpower Institute in the US and Canada, and I am trained by Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness System. Having spent many years in the cultural north of Thailand, I also draw from an extensive temple practice and Buddhist teachings from the Theravada Tradition. My teachings have no spiritual or religious touch.

Based on the two pillars of western research and eastern mindfulness tradition, I have developed a process combining mindfulness and project management in order to bring about a deep and lasting transformation of the relationship with work.

I teach simple and practical tools to achieve heightened and prolonged states of concentration, focus and clarity, develop heightened self-awareness and compassion, and transform the way of communicating and relating in a business context. These fundamental skills are crucial for success and allow you to navigate any challenge at the workplace.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Mindful leadership and communication

Great leaders inspire, motivate, support and drive business. To bring out the best in their team, leaders have to walk their talk. It is crucial that they develop a heightened sense of self-awareness, so that their attitude, actions and energy match their verbal communication.

The talk will also address the importance for leadership of all levels to appreciate the contributions of their workforce in a way that rewards and inspires their team members, to communicate mindfully, to lead with humility and without ego and to manage their emotions.

This talk enables leaders to:
• Lead with a clear vision, purpose and integrity
• Build trust, accountability, and performance
• Communicate with clarity and empathy
• Solve conflicts and collaborate efficiently

This talk is available in German and English.

This talk is in: English
Effective stress management for leaders

It is crucial that leaders develop an effective way to deal with stress, change and uncertainty in a way that allows them to keep a sharp mind, make thoughtful decisions and lead with confidence.

The talk will also address the importance for leadership of all levels to build a solid foundation of health, happiness and purpose in order to be authentic and sustainable on the long run.

This talk enables leaders to:
• Reduce stress with simple relaxation exercises
• Create a healthy and sustainable work-life balance
• Manage change and uncertainty in a thoughtful way
• Increase focus, concentration and efficiency

This talk is available in German and English.

This talk is in: English
Efficient communication and collaboration for teams

Mindfulness on interpersonal interactions and social relationships increases efficiency, loyalty and wellbeing at work and correlates positively with the teams’ satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial for teams to develop efficient ways of communicating and collaborating.

The talk will also address the importance for team members to learn how to navigate conflict in a way that leads to fruitful discussions and brings results, so that different opinions can be integrated into the work process.

This talk enables teams to:
• Communicate with clarity and empathy
• Develop positive social connections at work
• Manage strong emotions mindfully
• Solve conflicts and create collaboration

This talk is available in German and English.

This talk is in: English