Main focus: kunst

Twitter handle: @lizvlx


Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

City: Wien

Country: Austria

Topics: code

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Peer to Platform: Artist Collective vs. Social Network
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ICA London:

This panel discussion highlights the overlaps between the way in which a radical artist collective functions and how individuals operate together within social networks.

If the radical artist collective is posited as a network for shared political ideals and collaborative production, could it be proposed that an emerging generation of digitally-native artists is more comfortable establishing such structures online? Perhaps the accessibility of virtual space, the promise of relative anonymity and the corporate overtones of online platforms provide the perfect forum to continue the legacy of groups such as Bernadette Corporation.

Chaired by Ben Vickers, the panel comprises Lizvlx from UBERMORGEN, Metahaven, and Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield.

Do You Think That's Funny?
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Keynote 30C3 Kongress Hamburg, Winter 2013/14 zum Thema: Art Practice under the Regime of Anti-Terror Legislation