Pinar Erbil

Marketing Consultant

Main focus: Marketing & Branding

Twitter handle: @pinartweeting

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: English, Turkish

City: Lochau

State: Vorarlberg

Country: Austria

Topics: branding, luxury goods marketing, startup mindset, emerging markets, brand building, fashion, sustainability communication

Services: Talk, Moderation, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


Following 15+ years in corporate life, and all of it working for global luxury and premium brands, I recently started my Marketing Consultancy firm in Bregenz to offer my expertise from these big players to those who may not have the resources they do. I now support clients from various industries in Project Management, Branding, Corporate Trainings, and Event Management.

My personal, educational and professional background moved me physically between Turkey, USA, and Austria. I was lucky enough to take care of all continents of the world at my different jobs and have worked with colleagues and clients from more countries than I can count. So traveling discovering new cultures became a part of who I am early on in life and eventually led to a short-lived career as a travel blogger. While the pandemic took away the luxury of traveling, my passion for writing remains, and I now channel it into writing children's stories from time to time and use my toddler daughter as a guinea pig. While I have yet to publish any of them in book form, I consider this newfound hobby a possible calling.

Public speaking has always given me plenty of joy as I love to connect with a room full of people and pass them on what I know. I find it very rewarding to share one's experiences or expertise and see how others react. I had the great opportunity to teach a Master's class in The Cult of Luxury in Emerging Markets at the International Fashion Academy a few years ago, which helped discover my love for instant interaction with a crowd, especially one that is there out of interest for your words.

During my corporate career, I worked both at B2C and B2B levels, and I have explored all aspects of Marketing and Communications. At my current job as a Marketing Consultant, I get to work with clients from a scene of backgrounds, sizes, and industries. I am looking forward to opportunities to share my experience through public speaking.