Inbal Cohen


Main focus: Inbal Cohen

Languages: English, Hebrew

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: product management, leadership coaching, innovation, management, consulting, women entrepreneurship, womenintech, leadership transformation, women and leadership

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

My name is Inbal Cohen and I am a host leader specialized in innovation, building high performance teams and product strategy consulting.


Inbal Cohen is a chief product and technology officer (CPO/CTO) at a Fintech startup in Berlin. She has been a leader within the tech industry for nearly 10 years leading mostly development teams in different industries (Fintech, mobility, gaming).
She is a host leader practicing some interesting and controversial ways of doing Agile.
She finds travel and adventures to be an essential part of her creative process and as such does it as often as possible.