Elke Amberg

Main focus: Visibilty of Lesbians

Website/blog: http://www.elke-amberg.de

Languages: German, English

City: München

Country: Germany

Topics: gender marketing, gender diversity, gender studies, gender, diversity management, gender gap, lgbtiq issues, gender & diversity, diversity in companies, lsbttiq, gender identity, lgbt*, gender equality, christopher-street-day, diversity for leaders, diversity, gender mainstreaming


Own media-research about the visibility of lesbians in mainstream press. Published in 2011: "Schoen! Stark! Frei! Wie Lesben in der Presse (nicht) dargestellt werden" (Cute! Beautiful! Free! How Lesbians are (not) shown in the Press) Giving lectures:http://www.elke-amberg.de/index.php?id=66#lesung_akt

Member of Workgroup "Gender and Media" in Journalistinnebund e.V. (Association of female journalists)

Specialised journalist with the subjects: Women, Girls, Lesbians, Handycaped, sexual Violence, Travelling

Actually working for specialist journals and public relations work für non-profit-organisations