Daria Krauzo

Freelance Consultant, Founder, Actress

Main focus: Women in Tech & Travel

Websites/blogs: www.distritofederalmedia.com , www.medium.com/@dariakrauzo , www.dariakrauzo.com

Languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish

City: Oviedo

Country: Spain

Topics: women in tech, creativity, copywriting, digital marketing, design thinking, women entrepreneurship, acting, female founders, travel


I have a very diverse background reaching from artistic career, through prestigious business school up to entrepreneurship and freelancing. I currently live in Spain close to the nature and work from home as a digital nomad. I have founded various projects before and currently run a small creative agency specialised in digital marketing. I try to talk about female entrepreneurs, creativity and the courage to live the life of your dreams as often as I can.