Dr. Gabriele Kerber

Main focus: Ocean Knowledge for everyone

Twitter handle: @amoceanorg

Website/blog: http://www.gabriele-kerber.de

Languages: German, English

City: München

Country: Germany

Topics: drowning islands, marine sciences, marine biology, galapagos, la niña, pacific islands, climate, climate change, climate protection, coral reefs, corals, nature travel, ocean acidification, oceans, eco tourism, el niño, environment, kiribati, rising sea level, scuba diving, evolution


Passion: oceans

Education: PhD in Biology (Max-Plank-Institute for Neuroscience/University Gießen)

Work: Ocean and climat educator (5 years +)
* Book: "Klimawandel hautnah - Wenn das Meer kommt", Springer 2018
* Articles for i.e. Süddeutsche Zeitung, scuba magazin Divemaster, German ocean foundation
* Seminars for naturalist guides on the Galapagos islands
* Talks for guests on the Galapagos islands for Metropolitan Touring

At the side: technical trainer and project leader for telecommunication technologies (12 years +, Munich)

Path to the ocean:
* born and raised at the North Sea
* Postdoc between the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea and Red Sea (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel)
* Science tour guide at the Galapagos Islands, first scuba experiences
... the rest is history.