Juliane Nitsche

Main focus: Wellbeing & Performance

Website/blog: www.mlcadvisory.com

Languages: German, English, French

Country: Germany

Topics: human resource management, wellbeing, innovation, future of work, mindfulness in organisations, diversity and inclusion, engagement, culture change, commitment


Juliane Nitsche graduated from the University of Passau with a B. Sc. Degree in Business Administration and Economics, having specialized in Intercultural Management.
Juliane Nitsche combines her economic comprehension of a company’s bottom line obligations with her expertise on the links between employee engagement and business performance. She gained further qualifications in Well-Being at Work in France (CNAM) and is passionate about applying the latest findings of neuro-science to HR management.
Juliane Nitsche helps companies to develop better work conditions in order the to maximize the employee engagement and the companies’ competitive advantage.
Juliane Nitsche is an expert for understanding the challenges of working in a multicultural environment. As a born Millennial with experience in e-commerce, she understands all the challenges and benefits of the nowadays connected and open work environments. She helps companies to cut through the noise and find the right model perfectly aligned to their company’s needs.
Recognized as an expert in her field, Juliane is regularly invited as a keynote speaker in France, Germany and Luxembourg.
Juliane is German and perfectly trilingual in German-English-French

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Panel Discussion "Diversity & Inclusive Company Cultures"

Teilnahme an einer öffentlichen Duskussionsrunde des Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research als Expertin für Unternehmenskultur.

This talk is in: French
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Ein überblick über bisherige Kunden

Interview with the CHRO at POST in Luxembourg
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Short interview with Claude Olinger where he talks about our collaboration and the Lunch & Learn conferences.

This talk is in: French