Anja Henckel

Main focus: regenerative / critical

Websites/blogs: , ,

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese

City: Berlin and London

Country: Germany

Topics: technopolitics, tech culture, tech education, open source, philosophy, deep learning, ai, history, critical thinking


Anja Henckel has a background in history, geography, fine art, media studies, and critical practice. She studied in Berlin, London, and Leipzig and has been working independently since 2008, conceiving and realising events for cultural initiatives such as Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary and Cycle Music and Art Festival. She manages and conducts educational tours for Academy Travel and Niche Art and Architecture Tours. In 2012 she co-founded the nonprofit space Import Projects, which developed as a platform for cultural production and debate, concentrating on the interface between technology, identity, and community; stimulating reflection on subjects such as moral obligation, accountability, transparency. These topics guide many of her projects. She has co-curated Antartopia for the Antarctic Pavilion in Venice or a seemingly quixotic exhibition in Los Angeles titled Desert Now. She co-curated a touring production titled The Perfect Wagner Rite in venues in Berlin and Dublin, which received a nomination for Best Visual Production at The RHA (Dublin) as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. She participated in Performing Encounters: Art in the Age of Earthquakes at Martin-Gropius-Bau with a Call of Duty for cultural institutions, the annual Explore Conference at The Royal Geographical Society London advocating for an alteration of today’s ecological vocabulary. She shared a discussion at Kings College London on The Ethics of Impropriety and Precarious Encounters and an in-depth workshop on Learning Unlearning in an AI-driven world during the annual Berlin Gazette conference Ambient Revolts. She co-curated one of three commissioned partner projects titled Scaling Connections drawing on the Deep History approach for the transmediale 2019 in Berlin. She recently shared a discussion at Choas Computer Congress in Leipzig on how to think up projects in symbiosis with environment, nature & sustainability. As part of an agency for sustainable development, she is the lead for creating and coordinating an interdisciplinary residency on the intersection of art, science, and agriculture. The application process is open until March, 30 2020.