Daria Batukhtina

Main focus: digital transformation

Twitter handle: @dariabatukhtina

Website/blog: www.startup4city.eu

Languages: English, Russian

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: startups, blockchain, intrapreneurship, social impact, digital transformation, smart city, technology, social innovation, technology startups, scaling agile, blockchain for public sector, growth hacking, impact investing, smart urbanization, sustainable development, sustainable development goals (sdgs), startup ecosystems, impact measurement, intrapreneurship and impact measurement


Daria Batukhtina, Social Entrepreneur I Digital Business Strategist I Keynote speaker

Daria loves to build a solid connection between the government, startups and new technologies. Her main focus is on solving major social issues by using new technologies. She has more than eight years’ experience with/in start-ups in growth strategy and business development on European markets and BRICs.

Currently she is co-founder at Startup4City. The purpose of the Startup4City matchmaking platform is to support cities and communes to expand their innovative initiatives by involving tech entrepreneurs into the “smart sustainable city development”.

As specialist in digital transformation and innovation Daria worked on number of public programs aim to attract and retain ICT startups. She used to work for European Institute of Innovation and Technology and contribute to number of tech publications and conferences in Europe: The Economist – Connecting Commerce, The Telegraph - Britain's Smart Cities, Smart Cities Live London, IoT Tech Expo Berlin, Smart to Future Cities, Social Innovation Summit, Ethereum Camp Berlin and etc.

At this moment she is working on Use Cases ToolKit with governments and startups testing blockchain-based solutions together.

She can speak about sustainable development, digital transformation, smart city, smart urbanization, blockchain for public sector, intrapreneurship and impact measurement.