Paulina Strychacz

Main focus: android


Languages: English, Polish

City: Szczecin

Country: Poland

Topics: unit testing, java, remote work, development, android, agile software development, mobile applications, clean code, kotlin


Paulina started her mobile career as Java ME developer, had episodes with Symbian and Windows Mobile. But for over 5 years she's loyal to Android Platform. She developed different types of apps - automotive, VOD, cloud storage client, secure instant messenger. Always excited to learn a new technology. Her latest interest is Kotlin language. Paulina pays attention to details and is passionate about unit testing.

Privately she travels a lot and dances kizomba. She also likes to workout in the gym or at a squash court.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


Presented with my colleague Greg Dec at Droidcon Berlin. Here's the abstract:

We’ll present tips on how to write readable unit tests utilizing Kotlin and already available libraries. Let’s check what benefits we can get from libraries like kotlintest and how it may speed up your work. We’re gonna tell you also how to apply Spek Framework to make your tests a live specification. You will be introduced to Expekt library, which can be also used for assertions. With our hints you can easily choose the best library to include in your projects.

Squeeze what's best from Kotlin libs making your tests maintainable and beautiful!

This talk is in: English