Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir

Main focus: holistic security

Twitter handle: @oktavia

Languages: English, Danish, Icelandic

City: Reykjavík

Country: Iceland

Topics: holistic education and practice, democracy, internet, security education, politics, security awareness


Deputy MP for the Pirate Party in Iceland and independent advisor in the fields of integrated and holistic safety practices for individuals and organizations. Designed and directed the SAFE initiative providing integrated training, emergency assistance and risk mitigation plans in digital security, physical safety and psychosocial care for building community resilience to journalists and human rights defenders globally. Oktavia's background is in Media, conflict and ICTs, she was a part of the team that created the DDoS mitigating secure hosting platform VirtualRoad.

Passionate about community (democracy), security (holistically) & revolutions (inner and outer).