Karin Bauer-Leppin

Main focus: moderation mediation

Website/blog: edocere.de

Languages: German, English, Russian, French

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: moderation, mediation, stakeholder engagement, dialog


In an evening dress, with a business look or in jeans - for nearly ten years I host events, panel discussions, (press)conferences, meetings and workshops. Participants and audience appreciate my peace, my eloquence and my refreshing way, which always has provoked a hearty laugh even in the most serious topics.
I can moderate in German or in English. Also in German AND English, if your group of participants or the audience is mixed.
Moderation experiences I have in the facilitation of group processes and workshops, as well as at public events such as panel discussions and conferences. I feel with flipchart and pin board as safe as with a microphone on a stage.

+ Born and raised in Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt
+ Economist (diploma from the University of Potsdam; Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA)
+ newspaper traineeship and 7 years of experience as a freelance journalist
+ Author of the book "Nebenbei Selbständig" (translates into: how to open a business besides jour job), 7th edition, Humboldt Verlag
+ Business startup consultant and coach
+ Lecturer and moderator for more than 10 years, certified mediator
+ Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications in agencies (last Johanssen + Kretschmer Strategische Kommunikation GmbH)

Topics as presenter/moderator
+ Energy (renewable energy, EEG, energy market, companies in the energy sector, regulation, power grids)
+ Economy (national issues and economic policy, small and medium enterprises, business development, crafts)
+ Start-up (foundation, establishing policies, establishing counseling, start-up scene)
+ Environment Policy
+ Digitization, Future of Work
+ Communication and marketing (PR, media relations, lobbying, event marketing)
+ And what else? Trained as a journalist, I am capable to familiarize myself quickly and intensively

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Workshops Umweltbundesamt

Frühjahr 2016: Moderation verschiedener Workshops im Umweltbundesamt zu den Themen Chemikaliensicherheit und Mobilität, Dessau.

Verleihung Blauer Engel

Oktober 2016: Veranstaltungsmoderation Verleihung „Blauer Engel“ durch Bundesumweltministerin Barbara Hendricks.

Moderation Verleihung Wirtschaftspreis

November 2012: Verleihung des Wirtschaftspreises Altmark, Festrede: Bundespräsident a.D. Roman Herzog.

Podiumsdikussion Kapazitätsmärkte

Sommer 2014: Kapazitätsmärkte & Stadtwerke, Podiumsdiskussion u.a. mit Garrelt Duin, Wirtschaftsminister NRW.

Moderation von Dialog-Veranstaltungen, Pressekonferenzen und Workshops

2009 bis 2016 Kunden des Beratungsunternehmens Johanssen + Kretschmer Strategische Kommunikation GmbH als Auftraggeber für die Moderation von Pressekonferenzen, Dialog-Veranstaltungen, Podiumsdiskussionen und internen Veranstaltungen von Kunden aus den Bereichen Energie und Finanzdienstleistungen in Berlin, Bayern und Schleswig-Holstein