Daniela Beyerle

Main focus: Service Design, Design Thinking, Social Innovation

Twitter handle: @madameela

Website/blog: http://www.minds-makers.com

Languages: German, English

Topics: design thinking, social innovation, service design


Daniela wants to take on the challenge of working with difficult user groups to develop novel solutions together. Therefore she founded minds & makers in Autumn 2009. Today minds & makers is one of the most experienced and successful Service Design agencies in Germany.

Daniela already gave talks about Service Design, Design Thinking and Social Innovation at various events (e.g. IA Conference, GOOD London, Service Design Network Conference).

Since 2011 she is lecturer for Service Design and Social Innovation at University of Cologne and was guest lecturer at Köln International School of Design.

She worked as Service Designer for the project 'The LIFE Program' with Participle in London, one of the most influential agencies in the field of Service Design and Social Innovation in Great Britain.

In 2008 she was responsible for planning and organisation of the first international Service Design Network Conference in Amsterdam.

She Worked for 2,5 years as a project leader in the Research Centre for Service Design with Prof. Birgit Mager at the Köln International School of Design. There she developed holistic service concepts in the fields of commerce, gastronomy, banking and health.

Daniela graduated in 2006 in Service Design from Köln International School of Design.