Andra Weiss

Main focus: Migration:Promoting immigrants


Languages: English, French, German, Romanian

City: Wien

State: Vienna

Country: Austria

Topics: gender diversity, diversity in companies


I am the founder of Younited Cultures, a company that aims to promote the positive image of im/migrants and making it visible. I previously worked for 6 years in the luxury segment in various fields: export, product development, scouting for new products and managing the developments of shop-in-shop concepts and spa-concepts.
I have been a social entrepreneur since 2014 now focusing on fighting discrimination based on migration background: via storytelling, role-modeling and fashion. In my MBA master thesis (2016) I researched on women migrants in management positions and looked into the influencing factors leading to successful careers. On that path, I have realized that the lack of migrant women in management is not due to discrimination based on their migration background but that it's rather a gender issue alltogether.I believe that only by implementing a women quota in the private sector, can we truly change culture at the top management level. Otherwise, progress will be very slow and we will be thinking exactly like Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) :"Should the world come to an end, I'll move back to Vienna, because there, everything happens 50 years later". And this kind of conservative culture stretches also into the topic of migrants and the way we are perceived by the society. We need faster and more effective measures against discrimination of any type!
In general, I help migrants and refugees to integrate on the job market.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

PodiumDiskussion: Employment and Opportunities in the EU: Highly Skilled Women on the Move

Challenges and opportunities for highly skilled migrant women. Gender gap and solutions to thinning out the glass ceiling in Austria.

Migration braucht positiver PR

Ein Interview über meine Erfahrungen in Österreich

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Explaining what I do as a social entrepreneur and why I do it.