giulia tomasello

Main focus: giulia tomasello

Twitter handle: @gitomasello


Languages: English, Italian

City: london

Country: United Kingdom

Topics: wearable technology, technology, design research, social design


I am Giulia Tomasello designer and researcher based in London and currently Ma Material Futures in Central Saint Martins. Born in Italy (1990), I graduated at NABA in Milan studying product design and after four years I moved in Netherlands to study social design at Design Academy of Eindhoven. As a designer I am looking to raise awareness, to expose assumptions, to provoke actions and to spark critical debates. My aim is to design alternative scenarios, acting as a creative thinker. I consider materiality as a tool to question and communicate the boundaries between technology and us. Since RUAH, my BA graduation project I started a continuous research on wearable future and smart materials using an open source philosophy and a trans-disciplinary design approach.

From October 2015 I am developing Bio Conductive Skin - a project that explores the possibilities of creating biomaterials and proposes alternative applications to our current electronic components.

If - Technology is getting closer and closer to our skin.
How can technology be more human?