Sarah Diehl

Main focus: safe access to abortion

Twitter handle: @SahraDiehl


Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: israel


Sarah Diehl is a writer, filmmaker and activist from Berlin, Germany.
Diplom (FH) in Museology, MA in African Studies and Gender Studies.
She is researching about Reproductive Rights for over 10 years and gives lectures and readings around that topic throughout the world.
In 2008 she made the film Abortion Democracy: Poland/South Africa, which analyses the changes on Polish and South African abortion laws and how this effects women. The film is shown on conferences and as an educational tool throughout the world.
2014 she published the non fiction book "Die Uhr, die nicht tickt" which analyses how the bad image of childless women pressures women into unpaid care work
In 2015 she founded the organisation Ciocia Basia (Aunt Barbara) who helps women in Poland getting access to safe abortion in Germany. They work closely with org. like Women on Waves, Women on Web and Women help Women.
She published two anthologies in Germany:
Brüste Kriegen (Getting Breasts), Verbrecher Verlag, 2004 and
Deproduktion – Schwangerschaftsabbruch im internationalen Kontext (Deproduktion – Abortion in an international context), Alibri Verlag, 2007
and co-edited several anthologies in a continuous collaboration with Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin.
Furthermore her short stories and journalistic and scientific essays were published in several anthologies and other publications.
Her first novel "Eskino Limon 9" about the culture clash between Germans and Israelis was published 2012 ( Her second novel "Das Humboldthaus" will be published in the beginning of 2017