Barbara Bosch

International Communication

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intercultural competency unconscious bias

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German English

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My bio:

I am a passionate speaker, communication trainer, coach for intercultural learning and moderator.

Academic background in languages (American Studies, Italian Studies) and business
Further degree in Adult Foreign Language Education specializing in German as a Foreign Language
Lived, studied and worked in the United States for over three years.
Different teaching and management positions in Germany and U.S.
8 years work experience for an international academic exchange program
Workshops and seminars, working as a speaker and moderator in German and English on communication, intercultural communication, diversity, gender equality

Presentations, seminars and workshops focus on (also in combination):

- Communication:
Capturing an audience with Neurodidactics
Structuring presentations effectively
Dealing with fear of public speaking
Effective body language
Using your voice effectively
Using props effectively
Impromptu speech

- Intercultural Communication:
Culture-general training
Culture-specific training (USA/Germany)
Realizing stereotypes/ unconscious bias
Raising self-awareness
Dealing with cultural differences and critical incidents
Intercultural coaching based on the IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory)

- Management and Leadership
Time Management
Strength-based leadership
Giving Feedback
Risk Management

My work is influenced by improvisational theater, mindfulness and meditation. I promote laughing - especially at oneself!

Examples of previous talks / appearances: