Daniela Heggmaier

Main focus: Visibility, Writing, Blogs

Twitter handle: @WritingKitten

Website/blog: www.danielaheggmaier.com

Languages: German, English

City: Gröbenzell

Country: Germany

Topics: visual storytelling, ghostblogging, ghostwriting, blog training, blog workshop, blog, pr, publishing, corporate publishing, public relations, personal branding, blogs, employer branding, content marketing


Daniela Heggmaier works as a freelance journalist, ghostwriter and PR consultant for companies and solopreneurs. For and with her customers, she creates visibility campaigns, blogs and media in the field of corporate publishing as well as content marketing and PR campaigns.

In workshops, creative writing sessions and lectures she inspires on future-oriented and value-based communication. Her topics for presentations are "The blog as a Point of Sale? New Creative Strategies for Your Marketing", "Clever networking with blogs", "Spot on or off? Your digital presence in the tension between privacy and two million fans."

In her Influencer-Program-trainings she prepares companies for blogging as well as corporate publishing and she builds processes for editorial platforms. After she studied communications Daniela worked in PR and marketing of technology companies before she started with her PR consultancy in 1996.