Gabriela Rodriguez Beron

Main focus: hacking

Twitter handle: @gaba


Languages: English, Spanish

City: Portland, OR

Country: United States

Topics: open government, facilitation, tech activism, unconference, participatory media, hacking, python, open source, open data, community media, transparency, rails, static web, open web, free software, software developing, django, data journalism, web development, privacy, security, diversity in technology, technology building, organizing


Software engineer for almost 20 years. Gabriela founded DATA, an open data non-profit in South America, helped start implement the open contracting data standard in Mexico City and worked wtih the Coral Project, building tools and guides to improve community spaces around journalism online. She contributes to Systerserver and facilitates the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. She currently works with the Tactical Tech Collective on gender and technology projects as well as with ILDA drafting an open data standard on feminicides in Latinoamerica. Gabriela also deeply enjoys working as a facilitator and community organizer.