Anja Weiss

Money Mindset Coach

Main focus: neuropsychol. money mindset

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Languages: German, English

City: Munich, Germany

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Topics: money, money mindset

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Coaching, Interview

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Personal note:

Money mindset mentoring with neuropsychology: how to use neuroscientific methods to heal your subconscious money wounds and achieve greater ease - and the bank balance of your dreams


After completing her business studies, Anja held numerous positions in HR and personnel development, first in strategy consulting and in corporate groups, later in medium-sized companies. Most recently, she worked as an HR manager and founded and scaled numerous start-ups.

In thousands of interviews and salary negotiations, she has repeatedly observed that some people can easily demand high salaries, while others settle for little. And time and time again, this was not directly linked to performance and added value. She wanted to understand the reason for these differences and set out on a journey.

In the process, she also looked at her own attitude to money and realized that money mindset is not just a buzzword. Behind this lie deeply subconsciously stored beliefs about money that we have often inherited from our environment and society.

However, books, courses, vision boards and affirmations did not bring her more salary; it was only when she looked into the neuroscientific causes that something changed on the outside: within 3 years she was able to increase her salary by over 70%.

She incorporated the new findings into her coaching practice and her clients also experienced rapid changes thanks to neuroscience-based methods. Today, she runs the Let's talk about Money Academy and supports employees, the self-employed and entrepreneurs in embarking on their own money journey and getting a big step closer to their dream account balance.

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