Neha Arora


Main focus: Inclusive design

Twitter handle: @nehatinaarora

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Languages: English

City: Vienna

State: Vienna

Country: Austria

Topics: startups, entrepreneurship, inclusion, accessibility, diversity, accessible travel, responsible tourism, inclusive travel, sustainable tourism

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

Born to parents with two different disabilities, I am an engineering graduate, who worked in various capacities in the IT and Telecom industry with Nokia, Adobe etc, and some side hustles, for almost a decade, before starting Planet Abled. A life purpose that chose me to make tourism and hospitality accessible and inclusive for travellers with disabilities.
I talk about inclusive design, accessibility implementation into business frameworks and practices, accessible tourism and its business opportunity. I also love to talk about entrepreneurship and startup strategy.


Neha Arora is the founder of Planet Abled, a globally recognized and awarded travel brand promoting inclusive travel for persons with disabilities and the elderly. Her 39 years of experience of knowing her parents' needs (her father is blind and her mother is a wheelchair user), gives her a unique perspective into the needs of people with disabilities, as she creates a Planet more Abled.
Over the years, Planet Abled has been a service provider for disabled travellers and a destination consultant, and an ecosystem builder for the tourism industry. Planet Abled’s core focus is mainstreaming accessibility into the tourism frameworks, practices, and market opportunities to enable growth, scale, and a customer-centric approach and have an amplified positive impact on travelers with all types of accessibility needs. While overcoming the challenges of inaccessible destinations, biased perceptions, digital inaccessibility, lack of standardization and lack of affordability and competency.

With offices in India and Austria, Planet Abled's mission is to integrate accessibility and inclusion into the Sustainable Tourism conversation globally while mapping it to the SDGs. Thereby filling the huge gap that exists between what an establishment considers accessible and what the disabled consumer expects to experience, thus leading to a movement. Where the professionals, businesses, and tourism stakeholders are activated to do the work.
Neha is selected by Conde Nast Traveller one of the 14 people globally making this world more accessible in 2024.
She is also a recipient of the Most Influential Leaders in the Tourism Industry Award at the Global MICE & Luxury Travel Conference; and the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award at the Women Economic Forum. She is a regular speaker at global platforms like IATA, ITB Berlin, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, World Tourism Forum Lucerne, International Congresson Tourism and Technology in Diversity in Malaga, Spain, TiECON, Zero Project at United Nations Vienna, TEDx, Women Economic Forum, and various others.