Leonie Seng

Philosophy, Ethics

Main focus: Philosophy, media ethics, AI

Websites/blogs: http://www.gedanken-schmieden.com , https://www.ph-ludwigsburg.de/16881.html

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Country: Germany

Topics: psychology, ethics, podcasts, neuroscience, podcasting, artificial intelligence, philosophy, journalism, journalism in germany, philosophy of technology

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


* Scientific Assistant at University of Education, Ludwigsburg

* Master of Arts in "Philosophy" and "Ethics of textual Cultures" (Erlangen/ Nürnberg)

* Bachelor of Arts in "Philosophy, Neuroscience, Cognition" (Magdeburg)

* Journalist

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

2021: Artificial Intelligence as moral agents? Chances and risks of human like machines

Weekly meeting of Rotary International, Stuttgart. (Online)

This talk is in: English
2020: Was ist KI und warum bedarf es supranationaler Regulierung?

Veranstaltung der Europa-Union HH zum Thema "Die EU und KI". (Online)

This talk is in: German
2019: The power of science fiction and is potential influence on discussions about real developments in Artificial Intelligence

ASCA International Worksop 2019 on Realities and Fanasies, Amsterdam.

This talk is in: English
2019: On the technical and ethical ambivalence of artificial intelligence

Transdisziplinäres Forschungskolloquium "Roboter erobern die Welt?! Individual- und sozialethische Analysen", Bamberg.

This talk is in: German
2019: Artificial intelligence: What is it and ethical consequences

Dialogforum der Kirchen in der Region, Stuttgart.

This talk is in: German
2019: about the status of ethical and juridical assertions and consequences for ethics of artificial intelligence

Annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Media Ethics Center, Ludwigsburg.

This talk is in: German
2018: Current challenges of ethics of artificial intelligence or: old wine in new bottles

International Symposium: When Robots Think. Interdisciplinary Views on Intelligent Automation, Münster.

This talk is in: English