Tatjana Krajsic

Freelance – Marketing Manager

Main focus: cultural diversity

Website/blog: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatjana-krajsic

Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian

City: Munich

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Topics: intercultural communication, cultural diversity, diversity and inclusion, expat life

Services: Talk, Moderation, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

In my presentations on the topic of diversity and inclusion, I explore this crucial subject from various perspectives:

As a so-called "Third-Culture Kid," I am a living example of the fusion of different cultural influences. With roots in Serbia, a childhood in Germany, and international work experience in Singapore, I embody the global mobility and diversity. My personal story enables me to understand firsthand the challenges and opportunities that come with this increasing diversity.

Therefore, my presentations revolve around the following key aspects:

The challenges in a globalized world where diversity is constantly growing: I discuss the difficulties that arise when people have to navigate different cultures and environments. I delve into the social, cultural, and personal challenges associated with this diversity.

The wonderful possibilities of diversity: In addition to the challenges, I highlight the positive aspects of diversity. I show how different perspectives and backgrounds can generate new solutions and ideas.

An honest examination of difficulties: I encourage acknowledging and addressing the existing difficulties related to diversity and inclusion. This includes confronting prejudices, discrimination, and inequality.

Impulses for bridging the gap between utopia and reality: In my presentations, I offer inspiring approaches and solutions that can help bridge the divide between the ideal vision of diversity and inclusion and its practical implementation.

With my personal background and my passion for the subject of diversity and inclusion, I provide a unique and enriching perspective experience that encourages reflection on the importance and implementation of diversity in our globalized world.


With over 13 years of expertise in marketing, project management, and event coordination, I have a wealth of experience acquired through working in both Europe and Asia.

Currently based in Munich, I operate as a freelance marketing and project manager, leveraging my skills to deliver successful outcomes for diverse clients and projects.

Outside of my professional endeavors, my interests span a wide range of topics, including languages, fashion illustration, literature, and sports. These passions not only enrich my life but also provide me with a unique perspective and a well-rounded approach to my work.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Back to the roots: Embracing cultural diversity (at CreativeMornings MUC)
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What does “home” mean when we live in a place that’s culturally different from where our parents originated? And what impact does it have on our lives?

Tatjana’s talk is inspired by the social phenomenon of cross-cultural kids – children who have lived and interacted with two or more cultural environments during the first 18 years of life. She notes the unique joys and challenges of transitioning between cultures, pairing this with her own upbringing as a Serbian being born and raised in Germany.

What are the challenges in an increasingly mobile world where diversity is getting bigger and bigger? And might we need to rethink our perception of “where home is”? This is what Tatjana set out to explore in her talk.

This talk is in: English
Embracing Diversity

We strive to embrace diversity and inclusion in our schools and workplaces, but there is often a great divide between theory and the way we pursue it in actuality.

What do we need to create inclusive environments?

Tatjana Krajsic believes that in order to make diversity work, we need a shift in mindset in the way people interact and engage such as the openness to consider new approaches. SheSays Munich sat down with Tatjana in a conversation to discuss perspectives what this change might entail.

This talk is in: English
The Pretzel Podcast – Roots – Tatjana Krajsic

On roots, their meaning, and importance.

At the January 2020 gathering of CreativeMornings Munich, Tatjana Krajsic talked on the topic "Roots" at Velvet Space Coworking.

Tatjana is a seasoned communication and PR manager. She started her career in Frankfurt and continued in 2014 to Singapore, where she worked for more than three years. She has developed communication and marketing strategies for a broad range of media and marketing clients. Today, the native Serbian finds herself in Munich as a Freelance Marketing Manager.

This talk is in: English
The Essence of Diversity

Embracing different cultures and cultivating new perspectives. What can we learn about it and what can we do better?

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have become standard. Everyone seems to tout about how diversity is enriching societies, countries, and workplaces. But how are we actually doing?

Tatjana, is an expat herself. With roots in Serbia, being born and raised in Germany and having lived in Singapore for 4 years. She knows first-hand what it means to transition between cultures.

In this session, she will explore the beauty of embracing different cultures and cultivating new perspectives. She sets up to explore what it takes to bridge the great divide from tiptoeing to living up to its potential.

Interested in diversity and purpose? This talk is for you.

This talk is in: English