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activism advocacy afghanistan africa age diversity agriculture algorithm transparency algorithmic governance anti-racism arabellion art of hosting asia autonomy balkan berlin biodiversity cedaw change children china china/japan civil society class classism climate climate justice climate protection collaboration commons communication for development (c4d) community community networks community organising community work compliance consumer trends consumption cross culture cross-border collaboration csr culture studies cyber & crime cyber threats cybercrime cybersecurity data governance degrowth democracy digital activism digital culture digital cultures digital detox digital divide digital natives digital rights digital security digital society disarmament diverse divestment dresden e-government empowerment energy transition engagement environment environmental justice equal pay eu europe european integration facilitation fair trade female empowerment female genital mutilation feminism fintech food trends foreign policy free culture fresh expressions of church future future mobility gdpr gender equity gender gap gender history gender wealth gap gender-based violence girl empowerment global global living grassroots growth hate speech healthcare history holocaust human rights ict4d inclusivity india info activism integration intercultural communication intercultural competence intercultural management international international criminal court international criminal law international growth international law intersectionality iran islam israel japan japanese justice knigge labour lgbtq+ liquid democracy liquidfeedback lobbying maker culture mena region metoo middle east migration migration and globalization millenials millennials mindful revolution mission mobility moderation morality movement building negotiation networking for women ngo ngos non-binary non-monogamies north africa nuclear weapons open government open government data open knowledge openness and sharing participation participation and urban development participation design participation processes patent peace peacebuilding plastic-free oceans policy political parties politics postcolonial theory privacy protest protest movements public sector regional governance representation sdgs sexism sells sharing economy smart cities smart city social collaboration social engineering social impact social justice social movements society sociology solidarity south asia spd surveillance sustainability transitions sustainable development sustainable development goals (sdgs) technological racism technology & human rights transparency ukraine unfccc united nations urban agriculture urban farming urban planning women and leadership youth engagement zero waste