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Current Topic: US Presidential Elections

Female Experts on the Topics of (Digital) Democracy and Elections, US Politics and Media in the USA

Sara Weber
Media, Digital Media and Marketing
Dr. Kathrin Voss
Eva Jobs
Courtney Tenz
Women's rights and US culture
Adrienne Fichter
civic tech
Ulrike Thalheim
Open Data
Stine Eckert
Birgit Haberpeuntner
Translation Theory + Practice
Emily Laquer
Sydney LaFaire

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Kathrin Karsay
Digital media and well-being
Maike Gossen
nachhaltiger konsum
Franziska Kirschner
Urban Mobility
Bernadette Bruckner
Holistic health & communicatio
Petra Tabarelli
Football, Rules, Evolution
Fiona Klenke
Autism; and psychiatry
Veronika Merklein
Body Politics
Zhivka Deleva
European migration politics