Vanessa Lusian

Themenschwerpunkt: Innovation, Design Thinking


Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch

Stadt: Hamburg

Land: Deutschland

Themen: innovationsdesign, user centered design, lego serious play, innovation, design thinking, startup, service design, customer experience, innovationsmanagement, design research, design methods, customer journey mapping, personas, innovation management, innovationsworkshops, moderation von workshops


I teach “Design Thinking”, host "Lego™ Serios Play™" workshops and moderate other Innovation Methods to executives and students at Universities like Maastricht University, Management Centre Innsbruck such the Service Design Summer School and the MBA program "Leading Business Services".
I manage innovation projects for international companies such as Philips, Canon, a telecommunications company, governmental institutions, a pharmaceutical company and more.

I am co-author of the communication training comic book "visual guide to tactical communication" and founder of the communication e-learning platform

How was BOOST born?

As the person responsible at Maastricht University for teaching and projects, I wanted to communicate effectively and efficiently internally, while delivering superior customer service. I found it seemingly impossible to find training that taught me how to inspire and motivate my team while teaching them strategies they could use to provide extraordinary customer service.

After spending countless hours—and euros— on learning resources, workshops, and seminars, I discovered extraordinary learning videos that in a very short time gave me just what I needed to effectively accomplish both my professional and personal communication goals.

This training changed my life, and that is why I decided to make it my personal mission to market it in a way that reaches everyone on the planet, and develop books, videos, in-house seminars, and other tools all based on this communication learning system.

This labor of love resulted in what you will find to be the finest targeted communication resources on earth, as well as the world’s first communication skills comic book ever—all presented in the way human beings naturally learn how to communicate—visually.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Maastricht University: Executive course (2014 and 2015)

A programme for Business Services Leaders in manufacturing and technology Industries.
- How design thinking methods can aid the serivitsation process
- Lego serious play workshop: building and improving existing business models in a tangible and fun way by using Lego bricks

Management Center Innsbruck: Designing new services for the hospitality industry

This 4 hour workshop enables participants to develop new business models using design thinking methods and current trends.

Maastricht University: Service design and Innovation Summer School (2014)

2 weeks course that provides theory (based on academic journal articles) and practice covering the following topics:
How can service innovation be used to boost existing business models and develop new ones?
How can we benefit from service design in innovation?
What is an excellent service innovation process?
What are service design tools? How can we apply these tools to create new solutions?
This course is designed to introduce you to state-of-the-art literature and the practical application of methodologies and tools by means of a concrete project challenge. Participants work in teams and create a service innovation by applying a range of tools that foster creativity. The exercises and workshops allow to practice a broad range of skills including presentation, analytical, communication, teamwork, and project management skills.

Management Centre Innsbruck: Lego™ Serios Play™

During this LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) workshop you get the chance to build and develop your service idea to improve the tourism landscape. The teacher, founder and author Vanessa Lusian will provide a ‘Professional Playground’ and give you the chance to explore the future of tourism and identify interesting market nices by using the innovative and scientifically proven method LSP to boost your learning, insights and aspirations for the future.

● Introduction to LSP
● Choosing your topic: the worst service experience you had
● Team building: common interests
● Building your first team model
● Flag the interesting parts and destroy the model
● Designing your service
● Sharing and getting Feedback

At the end of the day you will have:

● explored the tourism industries’ present day situation and identified important parameters for growth.
● developed a new or improved business model.
● learned how you can translate and develop intangible ideas into concrete and tangible models.
● gained insight to the how’s and why’s of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and learned why playing seriously is extremely good for business.

The workshop will give you a sharper picture of future opportunities and improvements that you can bring to the tourism industry.