Tina Umlandt

Themenschwerpunkt: Javascript

Twittername: @tu404

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: Hamburg

Land: Deutschland

Themen: translation, localization, php, javascript


Tina is working as a software developer since ten years. She participated in a a lot of big e-commerce projects and therefore has a wide knowledge of architectures, languages and systems in general. After a two years trip as a part time informatics teacher in school she is now back at full time development. At Jimdo she sees to it that the store is getting better and better.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Localize your frontend
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Since years we format numbers, dates, and prices for all kind of locales in our backend. It is even part of most standard libraries.

But how about your frontend? Does it know how to format the numbers for every locale? And why is this such a pain in our frontends? It should be easy!

I will point out the problems that you have to deal with integrating l10n into your frontend and will tell you how to tackle them with the help of libraries that we already use.