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Tabea Grzeszyk

Cross-border Collaboration
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entrepreneurship literature journalism mobile reporting

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I’m a journalist and CEO of, an open network that helps journalists to easily collaborate across borders. Since 2009, I have worked as editor, feature author and book critic at the German National Radio (Deutschlandfunk Kultur). I’m an alumna of the Vocer Innovation Medialab, IJP Middle East Fellow, grantee of Tandem Europe, Advocate Europe and the Border Crossers program of the Literary Colloquium Berlin and Bosch Foundation. I have an M.A. in Culture Studies and have worked as an external lecturer of International Journalism at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Art.

Meine Vorträge / Referenzen:

Guest lecture at Free University Berlin: Journalism Across Borders

"Crossborder Journalism - Journalism networks as a result of practical transnationalization", guest lecture with a step-by-step introduction of Crossborder Journalism as a Method, inspired by Brigitte Alfter/Managing editor at

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Collaboration instead of Competition

How can we improve European news coverage? How does cross-border collaboration lead to better reporting and which role does social media and news digitalization play in the process? All of these questions were discussed among the panelists and together with the audience of around 200 young journalists and interested locals, who joined our event on September 13th at the Impact Hub in Athens. Tabea Grzeszyk, founder and Elina Makri, founder, present a short video with a summary of the key findings and arguments exchanged during the panel discussion. The public screening will be followed by two hands-on workshops focussing on storytelling and Mobile Reporting.

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The studio in your pocket: Introducing Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting workshop for the Torial Academy.

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Hostwriter at Digitales Quartett, rp14

I joined the "Digitales Quartett" as a surprise guest at the re:publica 2014.

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