Suzana Ivankovic

Themenschwerpunkt: Inspiring woman in tech space

Twittername: @suzisahne

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: München

Land: Deutschland

Themen: software development practices, innovation culture, design for the real world


Full Stack Developer. IxD/UX lover. Design Thinker. Software Hacker and IoT Maker.

Suzana is an inspiring woman in the tech space for over ten years with professional experience as software engineer, ux design expert, digital project manager/producer and consultant for large-scale apps for mobile, web, AR, VR, MR and IoT.

With next-generation technologies she has successfully delivered more than 100+ digital projects ranging from basic web & mobile apps, corporate websites, e-commerce projects to digital products that can handle information at massive scale and extend well beyond web search. Suzana likes to use new technologies with their potential to completely alter entire branches and force traditional companies and their business models out of the market. She support the companies replacing physical products or processes by digital solutions with the aid of information technology, business models can be revolutionized and corporate structures altered.