Solène Wolff

Themenschwerpunkt: Sustainability in Business

Twittername: @SoleneWolff


Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: femalefounders, selbstständigkeit, entrepreneurship, leadership, social entrepreneurship, digital nomad, personal development, circular economy, nachhaltiger konsum, sustainability, green lifestyle, plastic-free oceans


Solene Wolff is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at HIGHVISIONED and PLANE—SITE. As an cultural producer, Solène creates captivating and original narratives in architecture, urban development & sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Circularity, ocean preservation and conscious development are at the core of her research endeavours.

HIGHVISIONED provides a collective platform for inspiring sustainable businesses that share a same mission: changing the world by combining the highest quality standards with a respect of planet, people and economy. Captivated by unique stories that root each business, Solène makes her passion to share these borderless impressions of craftmanship and creativity.

PLANE—SITE is an agency devoted to the production and dissemination of original content for architecture and the built environment.

Born and raised in France, she received a Master Degree in Political Sciences at Sciences Po Strasbourg, with a specialization in urban development and European policy, as well as a Master Degree at College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. Solene has co-developed five projects related to disruptive urban space in France, Germany and Belgium. She developed video projects, with a focus on urban space short-movies and documentaries. She relocated to Berlin in 2010.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Conscious Leadership with Tangible Impact / A Talk on Plastic-free Lifestyle

February 2018
Cities Like Oceans is an initiative by Highvisioned, aiming to diminish the distance between our cities and oceans. It is a story about embracing our heritage, the planet Earth, while keeping the pace of our dashing lifestyles.
Highvisioned will take you on an inspiring journey, encouraging women leaders to reconsider their daily plastic consumption, from coffee-to-go to fashion, from workplace to home. Through interactive exercises and concrete examples, you will feel the direct impact individuals can have on our number 1 source of life: oceans.

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Flexible Housing Models As Intellectual Exercise To Rethink City Re-Densification

SuperSpace Workshop / Berlin, Germany
December 2016

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Bodies Like Oceans / A Talk on Plastic-free Lifestyle
Video Thumbnail

Tech Open Air Satellite Event / Berlin, Germany
July 2017

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Plastic-Free Workplaces, Norm of a New Work

OXFAM International / Brussels, Belgium
December 2016

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Experimentation in Urban Space – Rethinking Housing Models for Sustainable Re-Densification of the City

HABITAT III – Regional Meeting / Prague, Czech Republic
March 2016

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Nomadic Urbanities – New models for Women Entrepreneurs

U.S. Embassy / Berlin, Germany
January 2016

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