Sabine Berghaus

Themenschwerpunkt: Digitale Transformation

Twittername: @stadtnomadin

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: St.Gallen; München

Land: Schweiz

Themen: digital innovation, mobile, digital transformation, digital strategy, enterprise mobility


Sabine Berghaus is a research assistant, lecturer, and project lead at the Institute of Information Management (University of St.Gallen). Her research and PhD thesis focus on digital transformation, innovation strategies, and mobile business. She authored the Swiss Digital Transformation Report 2015 and has served on the jury of the Best Of Swiss Web Digital Transformation Award. Also, she co-organizes the St.Gallen Mobile Business Forum.

Sabine has 7 years experience as senior information architect, leading international user experience design projects for mobile, industry, and e-commerce solutions at SapientNitro in Munich.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

Panel discussion "Digital Transformation" at Magnolia Conference in Basel (June 2015)

This panel discussion took place at Magnolia Conference 2015 in Basel, Switzerland. It was hosted by Daniel Hinderink, dpool. Mark Halvorson (Atlassian), Sabine Berghaus (University of St. Gallen) and Josh Valman (RPD International) were the participating panelists.

Keynote St.Gallen Mobile Business Forum, June 2015

Keynote zum Thema "Digitale Transformation" und zur Vorstellung der Ergebnisse aus der Digital Maturity Studie zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Andrea Back.

Responsive Design for Complex Websites at IXDA Munich Meetup (April 2013)

Sabine Berghaus' presentation explores the approach and experiences resulting from a very complex relaunch project and show and discuss key takeaways, best practices and pitfalls.