Nesara Belakere Lingarajaiah

AI Engineer

Themenschwerpunkt: Generative AI


Sprache/n: Englisch

Bundesland: Baden-Württemberg

Land: Deutschland

Themen: computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data science, generative ai

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AI engineer at AppliedAI, leveraging background in Generative Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Graduated as a Master's candidate in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.
++++Focus Topics++++
Applications of NLP techniques for enhancing information extraction and understanding.
Applications of Generative Deep Learning and Geometric deep learning in various disciplines.
State-of-the-art approaches in AI engineering, focusing on large language models (LLMs).
Actively sharing knowledge within the team and with partner companies.
Beyond professional contributions, I enjoy music, with a penchant for Western classics and Carnatic tunes, and also play badminton.