Marlene Ronstedt


Themenschwerpunkt: Web3, Crypto & Blockchain

Twittername: @ronstedt

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Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch

Stadt: Berlin

Land: Deutschland

Themen: startups, blockchain, bitcoin, technology, tokens, web3, dlt, tokenization, nft, web 3.0, dao, daos, ethereum

Ich biete: Vortrag, Moderation, Beratung

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Marlene Ronstedt is the co-founder of the Data Union DAO. Previously, she's been working in various project management and communication roles in Web3, crypto and fintech. She has a background in journalism and her writing has appeared in publications such as Wired Germany and Coindesk. She is based in Berlin but has lived in many places, including London, Bali and The Hague. When She is not working, writing, or traveling, she enjoys DJing and painting.

She holds a BA honors degree in Liberal Arts from Leiden University College with a minor in journalism and minor in fine arts which she received from the Dutch Royal Academy of Art. She also holds an MA in Digital Culture from Goldsmiths University London.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

DAOs & Data – how we can reclaim data ownership in Web3

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Onboarding Web2 to Web3 via Data Unions

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Web3 Eats Silicon Valley

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Who owns your data?

A 15 min panel discussion on the ways in which consumers will own and monetise their own data in the near future through their cell phone, car, and life’s other essential gadgets.

In 2018, the dark side of the data economy reared its head. The Facebook scandal demonstrated the awful flaw in allowing one company own so much personal information.

Blockchain has promised a lot, but can this technology also be used to tackle the data economy, give consumers back control of the information they produce and even allow them to keep the revenue they are generating for Silicon Valley?

Find out as CEO of Streamr​, Henri Pihkala, Antti Saarnio, CEO of Zippie and MySQL founder’s team, ​Richard Muirhead discuss their thoughts with Marlene Ronstedt at Tech Crunch's blockchain conference in Zug, Switzerland.

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Scraping Art - Mapping the Neuland

Scraping Art discusses the politics behind the live installation Air Water Stack and how to hack your way into video streaming.

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